Banksy The Rickshaw Canvas Wall Art

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Rickshaw by Banksy. Street art. Printed on top quality canvas and stretched on 0.75 pine wood bars. Ships ready to hang.

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  • Brand new, made to order
  • Top Quality Fredrix Archival Canvas
  • Epson Printers and Inks
  • Professionally stretched around 0.75" thick pine wood frames
  • Shipped in custom made boxes with protective sides
  • Comes Ready to Hang
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  • Life Expectancy Over 100 Years
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  • 100% Made in USA

About Art

Banksy is a unique artist. Born in Bristol, England, the illusive street graffiti artist‰۪s work is well-known worldwide, but Banksy himself still remains somewhat of a mystery. His stenciled street paintings often bring hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction, yet almost nothing is known about the artist himself.

One thing is clear. Banksy has a unique and off-kilter way of looking at the world, and it is this sarcastic and sardonic view of life that has earned the shadowy street artist his well-deserved reputation.

One of his trademarks ‰ÛÓ if Banksy can be said to have a trademark ‰ÛÓ is his cutting and often harsh comments on the well-to-do of the world. This is, perhaps, demonstrated best in his tongue-in-cheek yet somehow scathing denouncement of the bourgeoisies uncaring attitude toward the common masses represented by his well-known painting, Rickshaw Kid.

Here, two very fat tourists expect a small, skinny kid to pull them around town in a rickshaw. The small boy and the rickshaw are done in stark black and white with the two fat tourists providing the only spot of color.

About Banksy

Despite not calling himself an artist, Banksy has been considered by some as talented in that respect; he uses his original street art form, combined with Banksy stencil style. Due to the shroud of secrecy surrounding his real identity and his subversive character, Banksy has achieved somewhat of a cult following with his street art from some of the younger age group within the stenciling community. Tagging walls and billboards in the dark of night, sneaking around with a secret identity in urban areas. Leaving his political mark on the world for all to enjoy for free.

The infamous UK guerrilla artist, Banksy, is hitting the streets hard in London, Bristol, Australia, the USA, and just about everywhere in between. It‰۪s not only the curiosity of his identity that makes the artist famous, it‰۪s his impeccable political pieces and artwork that stir up discussions on the underlying themes. By calling attention to the issues depicted in his pieces, Banksy‰۪s controversial work requires people to think deeply about the issues he‰۪s attempting to bring to light.